A Class EA is an approved planning document which describes the process that proponents must follow in order to meet the requirements of the EA Act. The Class EA approach allows for the evaluation of alternatives to a project and alternative methods of carrying out a project. It also identifies potential environmental impacts. The process involves mandatory requirements for public input.

The Class EA planning process is divided into five phases:
  • Phase 1 - Problem identification
  • Phase 2 - Evaluation of alternative solutions to the defined problems and selection of a preferred solution.
  • Phase 3 - Identification and evaluation of alternative design concepts in selection of a preferred design concept.
  • Phase 4 - Preparation and submission of an Environmental Study Report (ESR) for public and government agency review.
  • Phase 5 - Implementation of the preferred alternative and monitoring of any impacts.

Notice of Study of Completion

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Notice of Study Completion - March 2021

Reports and Studies

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Environmental Study Report - Class EA for Bayfield WWTF

Public Information Meetings

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Class EA for Expansion of the Bayfield WWTF Public Meeting October 24, 2020 - Questions and Answers


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Bayfield Wastewater Collection Treatment and Update - 2018