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The Blue Flag Program requires that participating beaches comply with certain standards and conduct 5 environmental education activities annually.
Please click on the following link to access a staff report providing an update on the Blue Flag Program:
Blue Flag Program - Update

Click on the following link to access the 2018 Environmental Education Activities:  Education Activities

Blue Flag Marina

The Bluewater Marina in Bayfield is a designated Blue Flag Marina.

Commit to supporting the Lake Huron environment by signing the " Sailors Oath." Submit the oath to the Bayfield Marina and receive a complimentary individual Blue Flag. Proudly fly the flag and spread the word!

Dog on the Beach

There are 2 main municipal by-laws that regulate dogs as well as beach and marina use:
By-law 37-2004 - Regulating Dogs
By-law 89-2008 - Usage of Beach, Marina and Water Areas

Gulls and Geese Signage

Due to the presence of gulls and geese at the Bayfield Main Beach, the adverse impacts are highlighted on beach signage

Water Talk Newsletters

Water Talk Newsletters have been developed in previous years:
Issue 3 - Conservation Part II
Issue 4 - Changing Seasons

Beaches and Dune Ecosystems & Bluff Conservation

Beaches and Dune Ecosystems - Lake Huron shores host a dune ecosystem that features rare plant species, protects our beach from storm waves and helps protect our lake's water quality. Dune ecosystems are among the rarest coastal features on the Great Lakes, representing about 1.5% of its coastline. Our dunes are sensitive to human disturbances and if damaged or destroyed will lead to poor beach quality, loss of shore protection value, loss of habitat and contribute to water quality degradation.

Bluff Conservation - Bluff stability on Lake Huron is largely due to vegetation that is established. Native vegetation is encouraged.


For more information on the water monitoring reports, please access the following links: 

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