The Manager of Corporate Services co-ordinates the preparation and distribution of Committee and Council agendas, reports and background material.

In addition, the Corporate Services Department is responsible for:

* The management of corporate records
* Municipal and school board elections
* Municipal lottery licensing
* Preparation of corporate agreements, by-laws, and related documents
* Preparation of correspondence following each Council meeting to inform interested parties of 
   Council’s actions
* To give notice requirements under the Planning Act, Ontario Heritage Act and Municipal Act

The Manager of Corporate Services, in addition to other statutory functions, is also a Division Registrar for the office of the Registrar General of the Province and is responsible for the registration and recording of deaths occurring in Bluewater and the issuing of marriage licences. 

This Department is also responsible for access requests under the Municipal Freedom of information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Chandra Alexander
Manager of Corporate Services
519-236-4351  ext. 223

Jodi Overholt
Executive Assistant
519-236-4351  ext. 229

Rebecca Hawkins
Corporate Services Coordinator
519-236-4351 ext. 245