Hazardous waste is the most dangerous of all waste. It can immediately effect humans and the environment or its full effects may take years to appear.

Municipality of Bluewater ratepayers may take household hazardous waste to the Huron County Hazardous Waste Depot located at the Mid Huron Landfill Site, 37506A Huron Road (Hwy 8), Clinton. Disposal of hazardous waste is free of charge.

The Depot is open Tuesday to Saturday from 8 am until 1 pm (Note:  the last load of waste will be accepted 30 minutes prior to closing). It is closed Sunday to Monday and on holidays. 

The Depot can be contacted by calling 519-482-7668.

The Depot accepts the following hazardous waste items:
Latex and oil paints
Finishing products (glues and varnishes)
Motor oils and lubricants
Gasoline - the container is not returned to you
Batteries - auto and household
Pressurized tanks and cylinders
Cleaner (bleach, oven cleaner, waxes, etc.)
Aerosol sprays
Solvents (degreaser, paint thinner, etc.)
Syringes and sharps (contained in a bio-hazard container, metal or very hard plastic container with screw top lid)
Lawn and garden chemicals
Pool and photographic chemicals
Mercury switches and thermostats
Fluorescent lighting tubes and blubs
Fluorescent lighting ballasts not containing PCB’s
Light fuels

The Depot does not accept:

Commercial and industrial wastes
Radioactive material
Pathological and hospital wastes

Click on the following link for more information hazardous waste: Hazardous Waste Information