Residential customers and the majority of commercial customers are billed on a quarterly basis for water and sewer.  Some larger commercial customers are billed on a monthly basis.

NOTICE:  At the October 5th Council meeting, Council passed the following motion:  

THAT Council for the Corporation of the Municipality of Bluewater authorize the Manager of Finance to waive penalty on late payments due October 31st (water) and September 30th and November 30th (Property Taxes) until December 11th, on a case by case basis upon request by ratepayers.

To access the application  form, click on the following link:  Relief Application Due to COVID-19



January 31
 (billing period October 1 to December 31)
April 30        (billing period January 1 to March 31)
July 31          (billing period April 1 to June 30)
October 31 (billing period July 1 to September 30)


.    Pre-authorized payment plan
        Due Date (4 installments)  

2.    Credit Card, PayPal, e-Transfer (through a 3rd Party Payment Provider)
         Log onto the PaySimply (a 3rd party payment provider) website ( to pay        
         your utilities by credit card, paypal or e-transfer. Once on the website the payment process is 
         very similar to paying online through your financial institution.  Please allow up to 3 days for
         processing.  A convenience fee will apply to cover payment handling and processing charges.

3.    Post-Dated Cheques
         Please ensure the payment stubs are included and reference the example below to ensure  
         you're filling out your cheque properly.

4.    Internet/Telephone Banking
        Please use the utility account number for the account number; payment must be received by the
        due date (allow for processing time - up to 3 business days).

5.    At the Municipal Office
        Cash, cheque or debit accepted.

6.   By Mail
        Refer to post-dated cheque information.  Ensure to allow sufficient time for payment to reach our
        office on or before the due date.

When a tax certificate is requested a statement of water and sewer is also processed.  The fee for the statement is included in the fee charged for the tax certificate.  Please allow a two week processing time.