Tender Opportunity—Hensall Water Tower

Tender Opportunity—Hensall Water Tower

The Municipality of Bluewater is seeking tender submissions for the construction of a new elevated water storage facility (water tower) in Hensall, contract number 21029.

The work includes approximately:

  • Design, supply, erect, test, disinfect and commission a composite elevated water storage facility, having a minimum operating capacity of 1,390 m3.
  • Approximately 23 m of 300 mm dia. interconnecting watermain and other sanitary and storm site piping.
  • Empty, disassemble, remove and dispose of existing (455 m3) water tower, including concrete foundation and subgrade valve chamber. Empty, disassemble, remove and dispose of existing reservoir (300 m3), including building and concrete foundation/reservoir. Removals to occur following the 12-month inspection of the new water tower and correction of any deficiencies. This is a provisional item.

as well as other work incidental thereto.

The tender is being administered by B.M. Ross and Associates. Please see the full tender posting on the B.M. Ross website

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