Road Occupancy Permits

If you or your contractor are planning to complete any work within the municipal road allowance, you are required to have a valid road occupancy permit from the municipality before the start of work. This requirement applies to all persons, companies, utilities, agencies and municipalities. 

If you have questions or are unsure if you need an entrance permit, please contact the Public Works department.

Temporary road occupancy permit

If you are planning to have any work take place on the municipal road allowance, you will want to make sure to apply for a temporary road occupancy permit before beginning the work.

A temporary road occupancy permit is required for:

  • Contractor lakeshore access through an unopen road allowance
  • Contractor occupancy of parking spaces on the road allowance for staging
  • Road work for utilities installations

Submit your completed application to the Public Works department for review and approval. Failing to get a permit first could result in a set fine. The fee for a temporary road occupancy permit is $150.

Event on a municipal road allowance

If you are planning an event such as a parade, festival or fair on a municipal road allowance, please submit an application for a temporary road closure permit. There is no fee for the event permit.

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