Sewage System Permits

If your property does not have a municipal sewer service, you will be using an on-site sewage system, also known was a septic system. The Ontario Building Code (OBC) requires you to obtain an on-site sewage system permit. The purpose of this is to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all. 

Permit fees are based on where the application is for a new system or alteration to an existing system. Fees must be received to complete the application. Please consult with Staff. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, cheque and debit. Payment can be provided to 23 Goshen St N., Zurich, Ontario, N0M 2T0 or be mailed to 14 Mill Ave, Zurich Ontario N0M 2T0

Inspection Booking

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to notify the Building Department of the need for an inspection. Call 519-236-4351 at least 48 hours in advance.

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