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Every time your street is plowed, your garbage or recycling bin is collected, you visit a park or arena, or your streetlights turn on you are witnessing your tax dollars at work. Municipal budget decisions set the funding for important infrastructure, programs, services, and facilities we depend on to maintain our quality of life.

The Finance Department's primary responsibility is to manage the municipality’s financial resources in an accountable and fiscally trustworthy manner that is legislatively compliant with provincial and federal policy decisions and statutes.

Bluewater's budget is prepared on an annual basis and is made up of the following:

  • Operating - The revenue in this budget is primarily from property taxes and user fees. The budget covers the daily expenses for municipal services and programs. Some examples are road maintenance and repairs, snow removal, community services and programming, by-law enforcement, and fire and police services.
  • Capital - The revenue in this budget can be from property taxes, reserves, development charges, debt, grants and co-share with others, such as the county or developers. The capital budget provides for the construction of new assets or rehabilitates existing ones, including roads, sewers, watermains, bridges, fleet replacements and more.

The reports below are available in alternative formats, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

2024 Budget—Capital and Operating

The 2024 Budget was adopted by By-Law #23-2024 at the March 4th, 2024 Regular Council Meeting. The 2024 Budget was deliberated by Council at their November 30th, 2023, January 10th, 2024, January 31st, 2024, February 7th, 2024 and February 21st, 2024 meetings. Information for the 2024 Capital and Operating budget is listed below.” 

For more information on property taxes, please visit the property taxes page.

Audited Financial Statements

Financial statements for the Municipality of Bluewater are compiled and audited annually according to Public Sector Accounting Board standards.

Financial Information Return (FIR)

The Municipality of Bluewater is required to complete financial information return reporting annually. Bluewater's submitted FIRs can be found through the Ontario government's FIR viewing portal:

If you have questions about the municipal budgeting process or audited financial statements, please contact the Finance department.

Treasurer's Statements

Financial reporting is completed to help with decision making and increase public accountability and transparency. Annual Treasurer's Statement and Financial Statements are an important tool for Council and administration to use to report to the taxpayers on the municipal services provided with the resources at their disposal.

These reports are available for review:

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