Heritage Permit Application

You might need to complete a heritage permit application form before making changes that could affect a property's heritage attributes depending on where the property is located.

Completing the heritage permit application form allows the assessment process to start. Proposed projects are reviewed for their likeliness to affect the property’s heritage attributes, as set out in the by-law designating the property, as well as impact on neighboring properties. The application is provided to the municipal Heritage Advisory Committee to review. The Committee provides advice to Council that informs the final decision.

Before completing the heritage permit application form, please review this important information.

The heritage permit application guide was created to assist property owners. It describes the information that Council has deemed necessary for an application under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Development Services staff are available to answer questions or meet with applicants to review all documentation prior to formally submitting an application.

You will need to collect the following information prior to filling out the application form:

  • A description of the property
  • Plans and elevation drawings
  • A survey/site plan/location plan
  • Historical and current photographs
  • Product samples and/or paint chips (Benjamin Moore historical collection colors are recommended)
  • If required, owner’s letter of authorization
  • If required, technical cultural heritage studies

The application will help the Heritage Advisory Committee and Council decide whether to grant a permit under the Ontario Heritage Act. Also, the information will be used to determine if the proposed project is likely to affect the property’s heritage attributes as set out in the by-law designating the property. It will also determine the impact on neighbouring properties and the Bayfield heritage conservation district.

Applications for heritage permits must be submitted at least two weeks prior to a scheduled committee meeting.

First, the application is reviewed by staff for completeness. A notice of receipt of complete application is emailed to the property owner and applicant.

If the information given is insufficient for a full understanding, the applicant will be notified. Review will be deferred until the missing information is provided. Once satisfied, the property owner and applicant will be emailed a notice of receipt of complete application.

Then, staff will prepare an information report. It is provided with the application to the municipal Heritage Advisory Committee for consideration. The recommendation may be to approve, approve with conditions or refuse the application. The applicant will be invited to attend the committee meeting to answer any questions.

Finally, The Committee provides advice to Council. Council makes the final decision. A heritage permit is issued by the Clerk. The decision shall be made within 90 days of receipt of the notice of a complete application.

The 90-day period may be extended by agreement between the applicant and Council. 

If Council refuses the permit applied for or gives approval with terms and conditions attached, you may appeal the decision if you are the legal property owner.

Appeals must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the decision of Council.

A notice of appeal is filed with the Clerk in writing and accompanied by the fee prescribed by the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT). More information is available on the OLT website.

A heritage permit that was required for a building permit application must be provided to the Building department. A stand-alone heritage permit should be kept. Any conditions contained in the heritage permit shall be followed.

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