Dog Licences

Dogs must be registered every year with a municipal dog tag pursuant to By-law 34-2015 (as amended). This identification tag permits direct contact with you should your pet become lost. Tags must be purchased by the last day of February, after which a late fee will apply.

Dog licence fees are:

  • First dog $20
  • Second dog, owned by the same person or kept in one household $25
  • Third dog, owned by the same person or kept in one household $30
  • Vicious Dog or Pit Bull $100
  • Late Fee (per dog) $15

Kennel licences

A kennel licence is required if you wish to operate a boarding or breeding kennel in the Municipality. The property must also be zoned to permit a kennel. You must reapply for a dog kennel licence every year as they expire annually per By-law 34-2015 (as amended).

Apply for a kennel licence with an application form obtained from the Municipality and payment of an application fee of $150.00. An annual inspection of the kennel is required. More information is available from staff.

The animal care and control by-law (by-law 34-2015) may be obtained by contacting the Development Services Department.

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