Hazardous Waste Depot

Hazardous waste is the most dangerous of all waste. It can immediately affect humans and the environment. Sometimes its full effects may take years to appear. You can help to protect yourself and the environment by disposing of household hazardous waste properly.

Municipality of Bluewater ratepayers may take household hazardous waste to the Huron County Hazardous Waste Depot located at the Mid-Huron Recycling Centre at 37506A Huron Road (Hwy 8), Clinton. Disposal of hazardous waste is free of charge. 

Please visit the County of Huron's waste management webpage for operating hours and a list of accepted household hazardous waste material. The depot can be contacted by calling 519-482-7668.

Please note, the Stanley landfill operated by the Municipality of Bluewater at 38594 Mill Rd, Varna, does not accept household hazardous waste.

Many resources can be found online about safer alternatives to using hazardous products. To learn more, visit the Hazardous Hub page at Bluewater Recycling.

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